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Daylight: 2/05 3/05 Cold Moon - Bony Moon

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 11:33 am    Post subject: Daylight: 2/05 3/05 Cold Moon - Bony Moon Reply with quote


It’s been months, and still I reel from the horrors of hurricane Katrina, the horrors not primarily caused by the hand of the Creator, but by human mismanagement, racism, and greed. The real suffering began after the storm was over, with people left dying of thirst, people standing for days in neck deep water, families watching their babies and elders wither away. But this is not new to our people, Native Americans have long ago experienced starvation and deprivation in the U.S. house of plenty. As I watched days go by without any assistance from the US government; no food, no water, no rescue….I could only remember one of Bush’s reasons for invading Iraq: Saddam killed his own people! Well, Bush has killed his own people. He’s killed Blacks, Natives, Whites, Asians, Latinos, everyone who was killed by the hurricanes; while money has been diverted to the War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan and the unclear, ever expanding, “you’re with us or against us” War on Terror.

A week ago I was drawn to re-read a book I’d bought in 1990, “Black Dawn, Bright Day” by the late Sun Bear with Wabun Wind.

Sun Bear was founder and Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society. Of Ojibwa descent, he was born in 1929 on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. At an early age, he began having visions that portended his development as a medicine teacher. He studied with his uncles who were medicine men, and throughout his life continued to learn from Native and non-Native teachers, as well as from his dreams and visions.

He felt the long-neglected wisdom of indigenous people had much to teach the technological-oriented civilization that is threatening the very existence of life on this planet.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was a lot of controversy around Sun Bear. He had hundreds of followers; and many more found comfort and knowledge in his teachings. Others called him a new-ager and a fake, and resented him for sharing traditional wisdom with non-Natives. Sun Bear is also the father of Native American activist and former Vice-Presidential candidate Winona LaDuke.

“Black Dawn, Bright Sky” warns of Earth changes that are very similar to the ones we’re seeing now. He speaks of not only floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters; but man-made disasters as a result of exploiting the land.

Sun Bear believed that those living in the cities will be trapped when the changes come; and that everyone will have to move 25 miles outside of the city to escape the changes. This is where I disagree. I don’t believe in a promised land or a chosen people. I don’t believe there is no way out for the millions in the world who live in cities. I believe that cities can be transformed into eco-centers that can still remain in harmony with the Earth Mother. I visualize a city with rooftop gardens and green spaces; revitalized by more trees, flowers and herbs not just in gardens; but in front of private homes and apartment buildings alike. I see window boxes making a return. Rainwater purified and clean air transportation. Gardens in every school. As my grandmother used to say, “If they can put a man on the moon, then why can’t” whatever it was she wanted “them” to do. We can do all this and more.

It will be hard, and there will be a “purification” – we can see it happening now. But I also believe there will be a “Bright Dawn” that many Native prophecies speak of. For the Christians among us, there are also the words, “Sorrow is but the guest of night, and joy comes in the morning” .

The New Dawning won’t just spring up of its own accord; there is much that we can do to assist with the birth, right now, wherever we are at. Use less, walk more lightly on the earth. Recycle. Do you remember the “Give aways” that many of our people held; where we gifted people?

There are many things in our lives we have enjoyed, and now they sit packed away or hanging or in some state of disuse. Some people donate them to charities where they will be sold, others have yard sales, still others just let them sit gathering dust until one day they themselves are gone and their boxes are still here.  Why not have a give-away? I’m sure there are many things you no longer use or wear that friends and family have admired. Pass it on to someone you know will enjoy it, and will also think of you.

We’re being killed by our possessions. The petroleum, the trees, the water that its taking to make things; the minerals the toxic components; they’re causing not only pollution of our air, water, and earth, but wars are being fought to have the resources to produce them.

I’ll be sharing ideas in the future on how to participate in the Earth’s cleansing, in a more harmonious way, if we all do our part perhaps the Earth mother won’t have to use as many hurricanes, tornados, floods and earthquakes to do it. I say, “as many” because like Sun Bear, I believe we are so far off the path of harmony with the Earth’s ways, that it will take some serious changes to get us back on course.

From Sun Bear: “I know it is a hard thing to realize, but the changes – the Great Purification as many Native people call it – are necessary. If the corrections which will result from them aren’t made, then those people who don’t have a sense of balance could succeed in destroying the Earth, probably contaminating it beyond any chance of recovery. I see the Earth changes as positive because they are necessary for the survival of the planet. If humanity is going to survive these changes, we will have to develop a much higher consciousness. Such a change will be very positive and good for all of creation.”
“Often I am asked if the Earth changes can be prevented. I don’t feel the Earth will be eased by forgetting the past. As I’ve said, when I asked Spirit this question, I was told, “No, it is sealed, it has already happened.”

"What people can do is prepare, reach out to each other and start to find a better balance in their lives. The Earth changes are here now and will continue for some time. It's not the end of the world for everyone or for the planet. It's the beginning of a new age for those willing to change themselves. Those people who survive the changes, who live through them, will be those who have prepared for them on all levels of their lives. Black Dawn/Bright Day is a handbook for that preparation."

Walk In Harmony,
Day Starr

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:09 am    Post subject: the end of man Reply with quote

Wow that is a heavy read. Global warming, depletion of ozone, melting of polar ice cap and rising of the oceans levels. So where will I go, I am so busy working and paying my bills that how will I buy this house on the mountain top. How will I plant enough trees that New York Times has cut down.
My mind is spinning. Help I am drowning.............
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You won't drown if you go to the mountain or build your ark! Laughing
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