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Daylight: Jan/Feb/Mar 2007

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:02 pm    Post subject: Daylight: Jan/Feb/Mar 2007 Reply with quote

Jan/Feb/Mar 2007
January (Cold Moon) U-no-lv-ta-ni
February (Bony Moon) Ka-ga-li
March (A-nv-yi) Windy Moon

First, sorry for the continued delay in getting the Journal out on time. There have been problems, financial and otherwise that have made it hard to meet deadlines. Almost half of our issues are sent freely to Native Americans in the Iron House, and postage is going up again. I’m trying to keep the journal at the same $14.50 that it has been for many years. We are not a non-profit, and we pay regular costs for everything. I put the BTTB together, and Evergreen and Little Horse take care of the printing, folding and stapling, and delivering the issue to the special bulk mail post-office. Little Horse is now a junior in High School and will soon be taking his SATs, and has a social life. Very Happy

I appreciate the time they have taken through the years to keep this dream alive, but it has been a costly dream both in time and $$$. The successes we have had as a publication that has survived for 15 years is due to the assistance and support of the BTTB Family at home and those of you who have donated, subscribed, and corresponded through the years. Any failures are my own. I know this means little when you have a subscription and the issues don’t come, I can only apologize and continue to do my best.

The next issue will be a Family issue. I started to say “Mothers Day” but then Fathers Day follows close behind. But why leave it at that? Let’s have a tribute to the Native Family, Moms and Dads, Step Parents, Foster Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Sisters and Brothers, both to those who are with us and those who have Walked On to the Next World. Send poetry, essays, remembrances and even shout-outs. Everyone is welcome to share.

Send To: “Family Issue c/o BTTB Journal
Box 527/524, Flushing, NY 11354-7527 or email me at


Today is only the third or fourth “real” winter day we’ve had. Freezing temperatures, winds, the regular winter weather this season brings. Unfortunately, its happening a week or so before spring. Trees are already budding; the first shoots of grass have already been seen. For weeks, no, for months before this, we’ve had temperatures which have ranged from spring-like to summery.

Both the scientists and our elders have predicted extreme changes in weather. Scientists speak of global warming, elders spoke of the Earth Mother reacting to the way she is being ripped apart, hacked at, bombed, the oil sucked out of her veins.

For over a decade now, I’ve mentioned global warming in BTTB. It’s been discussed by others long before then. Yet the occupation government laughed at calling those who were calling for changes in the way we were treating the Earth Mother, they said it was our imagination. As the earth changes continued and we continued to point them out, we were told that maybe there were a few changes but they are perfectly normal and harmless. When 15,000 French senior citizens died in 2003 from a month long heat wave of temperatures around 104 degrees; the blame was put on the French families and French nursing homes; with a kick at a “socialist” government that gives a paid two month holiday to its workers. And of course, if the French nursing homes had air-conditioning this would never happen.

I’m not so sure the solution is that simple: seniors in nursing homes often need the kind of care that families working full time cannot give them.
Most places in the world do not have the level of air conditioning that the United States has, so the French were not being vicious to their seniors; people had been living for centuries without it, they weren’t having these extremes in weather that required it. If the government decides it is necessary, I hope they use solar panels and other energy saving technology (like planting trees to shelter the areas) or the new demand for electricity will contribute to further environmental problems.

The placing of blame for the heat wave deaths in the U.S. press ignored or devoted little mention to the role that global warming played in the tragedy. The People, however have been watching the changes, have been remembering prophecies that told of what could go wrong with the Earth Mother if we did not care for her.

One of the things that separate traditional Native people from the domcult society is that we view ourselves as part of Nature, not as something set above it, or to rule it, but to move harmoniously within the laws it establishes. Whatever our tribe or nation, we all shared this belief. The way we are to care for the Earth Mother had variations from nation to nation, as different environments had different characteristics. We all shared the rule that we took what we needed from the earth and not more. That we gave back, whether it was a method of agriculture that nourished the earth or a pinch of tobacco left after we picked herbs.

The laws given to us by the Creator, the Maker of Breath, haven’t changed. In fact, they are needed now more than ever in a world going crazy for resources, for whatever can be pulled, sucked, ripped or hacked from the Earth Mother for profit. We are STILL the caretakers of Turtle Island. It is STILL our duty to be the Caretakers of the land, to defend, protect and nurture our land. Stop the oil drilling in our national parks, the cutting of our timber to ship around the world, maintaining our gardens, returning greenspaces to our communities; eliminating the toxic chemicals in our air water and food; caring for the four-legged, the flying ones the standing ones. This is how we protect our country, our Turtle Island; not by bombing others thousands of miles away.

Walk In Harmony,
Day Starr
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